birth story submissions

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with negative stories about birth, and where perfect strangers feel that it's okay to come up to expecting mothers and share the "horrors" of their birth experiencces, it is SO important that pregnant women have access to a variety of birth stories that share the beauty and amazingness of birth!

Bump and Baby would LOVE to feature your empowering, positive Birth Story and share it with out readers! Hospital Births, Birth Centre Births, Home Births, Water Births, Births with Doulas in attendance, Births with Midwives, Births with Doctors: variety is the spice of life and will help expectant mothers plan their own Birth Journeys.

Please attach a word document and a few images (separately, not embedded in the word doc) to an email and send it to jamie[at] We will get in touch if there is any clarification required, or just to let you know when it will be published. If you would prefer, your story can be shared anonymously.

Image provided by: Evelyn Golby