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Sandy Brown

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Having children is a lot of work; physically and emotionally.  As moms we are in a constant sate of movement; chasing & playing, shuttling, worrying, feeling the perpetual pressure to do everything the “right” way.  Motherhood is exhausting, even if we could have a full compliment of babysitters, chefs, car pools, nannies and grandparents at our whim every mother carries the inevitable weight of “Am I a good mom?”.  We are (arguably) the most important person in our children’s life; their role model, their personal chef, their therapist, their teacher, their mentor, their shoulder to cry on… phew that’s a lot, no wonder the concept of adding in a self-care ritual is overwhelming.

With good reason mothers often struggle to make time for herself in all the fuss of rearing children and Captain-ing the family ship; it is a delicate dance of illusion and reality that requires a heck of a lot of attention to negotiate!  But it is a well know fact that self-care ritual is an essential part of being a healthy person, a decent parent, and ultimately surviving the early years with kids, so why is the concept of self-care so overwhelming to so many women?

Every mother will answer this question differently, fundamentally there runs a vein of semblance, buried deep beneath the illusion and reality under all the excuses she will pile on to avoid it:

I feel guilty taking this time away from my kids and family.

It’s selfish. Aren’t moms supposed to be selfless?

When would I find the time?

It costs too much.

I’m too tired.

I don’t even know where I would start.

Sound familiar?.

Well guess what?  A good self-care ritual isn’t selfish, won’t cost anything, take additional energy, will fit neatly into your day and will yield priceless rewards for you AND your family’s physical and emotional well-being.  So at least do it for your kids, if you can’t do it for yourself.

Every mom is a woman who before kids had an incredible life.  A life of lazy days and fancy brunches, peaceful walks and leisurely window shopping, hour long yoga classes and spa days, afternoons of novels and pastries devoured in a cozy chair…  Ah those where the days! Fast-forward a few short years and that same woman has locked herself in the toilet, clutching her phone hoping to finally annihilate the crazy hard level of Candy Crush, or pluck her feral eyebrows she’s neglected for weeks…  Sound familiar?

Same women; drastically different realities, same basic needs.

Here are 5 real world tips for quick Self-Care Rituals with big results any Mom can guiltlessly squeeze into her day.  *Candy Crush not included.

  1. Taken refuge in the bathroom: You mean Spa?!
    Mix of equal parts coconut oil, honey and yoghurt. Apply to face and neck, allow to sooth the skin while brushing your teeth thoughtfully!  Rinse with warm water and finish with a warm damp cloth on the face.  Got another minute to spare? Warm 1 teaspoon of oil between hands (grape seed and/or argan) pat into damp skin; treat your self to a 60-second scalp massage, running fingers through the ends of the hair.  Et Voilà, renewed, glowing post spa bliss.
  2. Locked yourself in the Bedroom: You mean 5 Star Hotel Room?!
    Roll out an imaginary or real yoga mat and lay down… Yes that’s right, lay down flat on your back and take a 5-minute savasana, THIS is meditation. With your eyes closed notice your breath; the rise and fall of your belly is the distraction from whatever is happening outside that door. Count up to 50 breaths if you loose count start back at 1. TADA! Did I just have a power nap?|
  3. Stuck in the kitchen making snacks and meals for the kids: You mean hanging at the hippest Café in town?!
    Make yourself a nice cup of tea, or coffee, or smoothie (whatever your jam), call up (yes call, don’t text) a friend; have a 5 minute chat while slicing and dicing carrots for the kids… who are we kidding toss, the kids a Bear Paw and have one for yourself too! Connected and Caffeinated a stellar combination for epic Mom-dom!
  4. Another load of Landry: You mean Yoga Studio with a relaxing water feature?!
    Step your feet together and stand tall. Breath in while raising your arms overhead, exhale bring your arms down to your sides.  Circle the arms through 10 rounds of breath.  This might evolve into an actual 5-minute yoga practice where you may or may not touch your toes!  Fret not, you needn’t change into “yoga gear” or haul out all your props, just let it come naturally.  AH!  Feeling inspired?
  5. Watching Minions for the 20th time: You mean taking in the the latest RomCom?!
    LAUGH, yes laugh your ass off. Even if it’s not that funny, just laugh.  Get those endorphins pumping; they are after all the “feel good” hormone.  Feel your energy rise!

Well, that’s it!  As they say in preschool; Easy Peasey! Now go and take that 5 minutes for yourself.

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